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About This Site...

The BehaviorAnalysis.com website was developed to assist individuals who work in the field of Behavior Analysis, Education and Human Services locate and publicize training opportunities. It is the opinion of the authors of this site that some of the most powerful and compelling instructors, teachers and presenters in our field are not able to garner an audience size, which they rightly deserve simply because potential attendees cannot readily get timely information about their training event. This website can give any behavioral event (especially small events) a worldwide audience at zero cost. Conversely, many parents, practitioners and behavioral researchers struggle to find comprehensive information about opportunities for training (workshops) and sharing information (conferences). The challenge of finding behavioral events has taken on a more urgent tone with the state and national certification movement  for practitioners of Behavior Analysis Services. Many state and nationally certified Behavior Analysts must receive CEUs periodically in order to maintain their certification. In the past this has been a challenge. This website with the cooperation and participation of the Behavioral Community should make the task of finding CEUs simple.

Listing and searching for events on this site is free of charge. There are several banners on this site that are available to individuals or organizations to place the events or services they offer. These banners will allow for a greater exposure of the events and services and may lead to greater sales. As web traffic at BehaviorAnalysis.com grows, a conference organizer might spend a small amount of money on a banner ad sponsorship and possibly increase the attendance to that conference. An individual who normally gets 10 to 50 participants for a particular workshop might get 100. With the growth of web traffic at the Behavioranalysis.com site, an event sponsor may spend a small amount of money for a banner ad sponsorship and dramatically increase the exposure of their event resulting in significantly more attendants.

BehaviorAnalysis.com is still under construction. Much of the functionality of the site has not been completed. In the future we expect that the site will have, in addition to search and listing functions, the ability to register attendees, accept payments for registration, and create an online and printable training history document which is detailed and comprehensive enough to meet certification renewal requirements. In addition to this many other features are planned. Since this site is in "beta testing" form there will be errors in software code and design. We apologize in advance. Please go to the feedback page to report bugs or software design suggestions. We anticipate that over the next few months these problems will be worked out.

Thank You


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Advertising space is now available

Advertising space is now available
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